- 2018 information. Please check back for updated information for 2019-

Our Gift Shop and Store is in the process of getting a full makeover. We will be adding more local art and Alaskan items in 2018 and less souvenirs. This page will be updated when we have a better idea of what will be available.

We also stock some important items for your comfort and happiness. Here is a list of what you can find in our store:

BEAR SPRAY - We no longer rent bear spray. Instead we now encourage everyone to donate their unused bear spray when you leave. You can't take it on an airplane (not even in your suitcase), so consider donating it for future guests. We will collect them to be shared at no cost. Pay it forward! You can save your fellow travelers money by leaving your spray with us!

CAMP STOVE FUEL - Just like Bear Spray we encourage everyone to donate their camp stove fuel, since you can't take it home. We will collect it for sharing. Save your fellow travelers money by leaving your unused fuel with us. You are welcome to contact us when you get to Alaska to check on current supplies of spray and fuel.

BINOCULARS - We rent these. Great for you bus trips into the park. And they are only $5 per day.

TOILETRIES - Just in case you forget or lose them on the way!

POST CARDS - We stock some great cards with envelopes with Alaskan photos produced by a great local photographer.



NO MORE BOTTLED WATER - One item we no longer stock is bottled water. It is just too environmentally unsound. Please bring a reusable water bottle and do yourself and our beautiful planet a favor. Our tap water is tested for cleanliness and purity, and it is cold and delicious!

We also stock a small variety of basic grocery items including: milk, rice milk, soda, a variety of REAL juices, Clif Energy Bars, candy bars, potato chips and other snacks, pasta, tomato sauce, canned soups and chilis, macaroni & cheese, instant noodles, etc. We try our best to have alternative diet-friendly items on hand. 

If there is anything else you think would be a great item to stock, let us know!